Monday, July 8, 2013

Day #8 Pic Snap Challenge

Packing...Oh Joy




Hello Beauties... Happy Monday!
Today we are getting ourselves ready to depart to our beautiful hometown Miami Fl.
The circumstances of our trip aren't what we would like them to be but we are going to make the best of it.
My husbands grandmother of 91 years old passed away and we are going to pay our respects.
I hate packing..Period.
Fitting all of my necessities into a suitcase is just not my thing. I get anxiety and always feel like I over packed yet forgot something. So today I will focus on getting my stuff together for this trip. We will be gone for five days so its a lot to fit but I can do it, right!?
Do any of you have any packing tips for me? Please help me out!
Peace & Love

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day #7 of PicSnap Challenge

We are Pooped!
This week/weekend was great fun, now our guests have departed back home and my husband and I can barely walk. We are just going to lay in bed all day, sleep and watch TV. That sounds like a terrific way to relax after a quite eventful few days.
What are your plans for Today?
Peace & Love

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day #5 of Pic Snap Challenge

Play Ball!




Today we are off to Turner Field where our Miami Marlins will take on the Atlanta Braves!
Baseball is quite a popular sport in my country, in case you didn't know I am from the Dominican Republic, born not raised. We love baseball and I have followed baseball ever since I was a kid. I can go to a game, get sucked in and not realize anything else is going on in the world, its nice.
The Braves stadium is nice, looks much like a classic baseball stadium should look but they've given it a modern edge.
Here's to hoping the Miami Marlins Win!
Do you and your family watch or even play baseball? Let me know, I'd love to hear your baseball story
Take part in the #31daypicsnapchallenge now!
Peace & Love

Day #4 of Pic Snap Challenge!

White Water Rafting, Ahh!

I know, it looks absolutely insane!
Today we are going to Tennessee on the Ocoee River and we are absolutely ecstatic!
So no one in our group has ever white water rafted except for...ME!
I went white water rafting for my older sister's bachelorette party about six years ago. Mind you I had pneumonia and was still forced to go! Let me just say that the water was below freezing and even thou we had wet suits on it was still freezing! The rapids were crazy, so crazy I even fell off our raft! Everyone had to help me get back on while still paddling so we wouldn't lose control of the entire raft! I loved every minute of it thou and would do it again and so we are! It is quite a rush, I believe everyone in our group will get a big kick out of it, I cant wait!
What are your Fourth of July Plans?
Have you ever dared to go White Water Rafting, if so let me know what the experience was like for you!
God Bless America!
Are you taking part in the #31daypicsnapchallenge , let me see your posts!
Peace & Love

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day #6 of Pic Snap Challenge!

Tourists, Tourists, Tourists!

All Around Atlanta, GA!

Piedmont Park

MLK House

Georgia Aquarium
Centennial Olympic Park
This pretty much sums up what our day looks like for today. We are planning on hopping in our car and doing these touristy things we just haven't done before!
I know it will make for a fun and interesting day indeed.
All of these sites are known to Atlanta and if you are ever in my neighborhood I suggest you check them out too!
Do you do touristy things in your city? Let me know where you live and what there is to do, maybe if I am in your neck of the woods someday I will be sure to take your word for what to do!
#31daypicsnapchallenge , join me!
Peace & Love

Day #3 of Pic Snap Challenge!

Family Comes To Visit Atlanta!

We just love visitors! It's not only exciting to see new faces but also show everyone our home away from home!
Today my first cousin Luis and his girlfriend are joining us in Atlanta for a great fourth of July getaway.
They have never been to Atlanta and are excited to not only get to know the city but spend some quality time with my Husband and I, oh and Bella of course ;)
I have been on vacation from school for the past two weeks and while my husband goes to work I am literally bored to death at home so I can't wait to talk, laugh, eat and sightsee.
Every time we have people over we like to do things we haven't done yet. My husband and I when moving to Atlanta said we wouldn't do touristy things because we knew we would have to do them all over again when we had guests so we've just done them when we've had people visiting! It makes it that much nicer that we are getting to know our city with our guests!
So today I will be picking them up at the airport and touring them around downtown Atlanta, finishing off with some yummy dinner at an Atlanta hot spot we've never been to and just catching up. I am so excited.
Do you all get excited when you have people come and visit? What are your favorite things to do with your guests?
Let me know! And if you live in Atlanta or even Georgia, where should we go?!
If you aren't yet taking part in the #31daypicsnapchallenge , get to it!
Peace and Love

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day #2 of Pic Snap Challenge



You Want Me To Do What?!

Hello Beauties!
Cleaning is a duty most people have unless you are  rich and famous in which case you have the luxury to hire someone to do it for you.
When I was growing up I always helped my mom clean the house, it was our time to listen to music, talk and well get everything that needed to be done, done.  Honestly, I enjoyed it.
When my husband and I moved in together, he didn't share the same love I did for cleaning, so he cleaned with me and still does till this day but it's very divided. He has his chores and I have mine and while we are cleaning we don't do much talking although we do listen to music just the same.
Today is cleaning day. We have family coming over to stay with us for a few days and since my husband works a real job, I get to clean All By Myself Today Joy -__-
I do love my Dyson Vacuum though, she makes it a smooth ride for me.
Do you all like cleaning? If you do or you don't let me know why!?
Now I'll turn up my Music and get this Cleaning Party Started! Whoop Whoop
Are you taking part in the 31 Day Pic Snap Challenge?
Please Do So! #31daypicsnapchallenge
Peace & Love

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day #1 of Pic Snap Challenge!

A Pup's Life


As you all know from my Introduction, we have a Pup named Bella. Let's just say every dog dreams of a life like hers. She plays, eats, stretches, yawns, barks, sneezes and sleeps ALL DAY.
The picture shows her, well, being her! Today as I work she sleeps and this is her for the most part everyday.
Do You Have a Pup or any Pet to Share? Let me know!
For now Bella is our Child and I know a lot of other people who feel the same about their furry friends.
Are you taking part in the 31 Day Pic Snap Challenge?
Please Do So ! #31daypicsnapchallenge
Peace & Love

31 Day Pic Snap Challenge!

Hello Beauties!


This Challenge is Open to Everyone!
Every day, for 31 days, I will snap one picture of my day, upload and describe! I would absolutely love it if you were to join me in this challenge too. If you don't have a blog, you could do it on Twitter with the hash tag #31daypicsnap.
This challenge should be quite fun as it will allow you into my life on the daily!
I think this will be so fun because it will allow us to really look for the lovely things in our days, stretch our creativity and maybe even expand our photography skills. It will also be really nice for the Sprinkle In LC community to have a look at each others lives and make new blog friends. 

The rules are simple. Upload one picture you snapped every day. A large proportion of mine will no doubt be of little things I encounter daily. If you would like to write a little bit about it or tell the story behind your picture that would be great too! If you think an image is worth a thousand words then that's fine also. So Easy and Fun!
I am tagging all of you to join me on this and let everyone else you know too! I want to see a sneak peak into everyone's lives!
 I am so Excited!
Alright - Let's Get Started!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

In Light Of Starting a New Blog.... Here's a Giveaway!!!


Yep.. You all Heard Right!? I am going to be doing a Giveaway!
This should be fun as I have never done one of these before but I am so excited to do so!
It will go as follows..
1. Follow My Blog!
2.Follow me on Twitter
3. Follow me on Instagram
4.Subscribe to My YouTube Channel
5. Leave a Comment at the end of this Blog Post on what you want to see from me
The Winner's Will be Chosen
A Week From Today
Thursday July 4th!
There will be 2 Prize Winner's
Please leave a comment on the Prize You want As well as Why
So Now onto the fun part...
What Are the Prizes

The Prizes were Purchased with Me in Mind
I love Beauty and hence the Eyes Lips Face Prize
I am Trying to Conceive Hence the Ovulation Predictor Test
and as you all know from my first Blog Post =)
P.S. These prizes were purchased by me, I am not getting paid to sponsor these companies in any way
Have Fun with This My Beauties!
Cannot wait to give these Prizes Away and get to know you All Along the Way!  
Peace and Love


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is Me - LC

Today I sat down at my computer and decided it would be the day I started a blog.

I feel that I can better express myself through writing and why not let the world in on a little me?!

This blog will be about my life, not that it's the most interesting read but it would do for a boring Sunday afternoon when you've got nothing better going on ;)

My name is Laura Cabrera

I have had the pleasure of enjoying life for 25 years

Living in Atlanta Ga. but my heart still belongs in my Hometown of Miami Fl.

I know I know, what am I doing here? It's the question I ALWAYS get asked.
Well the answer is quite simple. I moved to Atlanta after only being married fourteen days June 30, 2012 for Chiropractic School. I have two passions in life one of them is Chiropractic the other is My Husband Kris. They both light up my world and I am grateful to have both in my life.

So now it's been a year in Atl and it has grown on me. Making new friends and enjoying life is a little easier once you are settled.

Kris and I have a pup named Bella who lights up our life each and every day. She is our pride and joy and we cannot be prouder parents. Bella is a 2.5 year old Terrier Mix and was adopted from a shelter when she was 6 weeks old by us! Trust me if there ever is a time in your life you want to bring a dog into it, please adopt. There is no greater feeling than knowing you saved a life, and they are forever grateful.
Aside from being in love, my husband and I want to create love and we have been trying to conceive for two months now. We believe now is the right time to bring a baby into our lives and give it all we've got. I think we are going to be great parents and I cannot wait for this life changing event to take place in our life. If you are a mother or are TTC please give me any insight you've got. I think this journey should be fun and I can't wait to blog about it!
So that's a Sprinkle of LC
I hope this blog becomes a part of me and I wish to meet some of you all reading along the way! Enjoy today's post as I've enjoyed writing it and letting you in a bit.
Till Next Time