Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day #3 of Pic Snap Challenge!

Family Comes To Visit Atlanta!

We just love visitors! It's not only exciting to see new faces but also show everyone our home away from home!
Today my first cousin Luis and his girlfriend are joining us in Atlanta for a great fourth of July getaway.
They have never been to Atlanta and are excited to not only get to know the city but spend some quality time with my Husband and I, oh and Bella of course ;)
I have been on vacation from school for the past two weeks and while my husband goes to work I am literally bored to death at home so I can't wait to talk, laugh, eat and sightsee.
Every time we have people over we like to do things we haven't done yet. My husband and I when moving to Atlanta said we wouldn't do touristy things because we knew we would have to do them all over again when we had guests so we've just done them when we've had people visiting! It makes it that much nicer that we are getting to know our city with our guests!
So today I will be picking them up at the airport and touring them around downtown Atlanta, finishing off with some yummy dinner at an Atlanta hot spot we've never been to and just catching up. I am so excited.
Do you all get excited when you have people come and visit? What are your favorite things to do with your guests?
Let me know! And if you live in Atlanta or even Georgia, where should we go?!
If you aren't yet taking part in the #31daypicsnapchallenge , get to it!
Peace and Love