Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day #6 of Pic Snap Challenge!

Tourists, Tourists, Tourists!

All Around Atlanta, GA!

Piedmont Park

MLK House

Georgia Aquarium
Centennial Olympic Park
This pretty much sums up what our day looks like for today. We are planning on hopping in our car and doing these touristy things we just haven't done before!
I know it will make for a fun and interesting day indeed.
All of these sites are known to Atlanta and if you are ever in my neighborhood I suggest you check them out too!
Do you do touristy things in your city? Let me know where you live and what there is to do, maybe if I am in your neck of the woods someday I will be sure to take your word for what to do!
#31daypicsnapchallenge , join me!
Peace & Love